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Thursday, February 17, 2011

From The Corner Of My Mind

Thanks for the pictures Sue
EDIT: The llamas name was Eskalante, it came from a town in Colorada with that name......I think was the story.

* Isn't this weather just great. 60 degrees this morning. I hope we dont see another 50 degree day honestly.
* Our friend that you have been praying for is doing much better. She is off the ventilator and slowly waking up. Still a long road ahead.
* My wife has been correcting my grammar again. As the Patriarch of our family, I win.
* I didn't get off work until 8:30pm last night. By the time I visited W-spouse, took a shower and grabbed a bite to eat, it was time for bed. I'm tired today.
* News from Daytona yesterday: Dale Jr (who had won the pole position) crashes in practice and moves to the back of the field for the start of the race Sunday (giggle). NASCAR officials announce a reduction in the restrictor plate size (which I stated in an earlier post would happen) for the race Sunday. Nationwide series cars in practice yesterday were running over 202 mph (if that keeps up, they will reduce the size of the plate again). Remember I said that.
* For those of you that don't watch NASCAR. 200 mph is a speed used to determine the highest speed that the cars can perform safely at. Racing is not just about seeing which car is the fastest. Even in NHRA, it's not who is the fastest, it's who's first across the line. A NASCAR Sprint Cup car will start acting more like an airplane at speeds over 200 mph. They are capable of running much faster as long as you have the nose pointed forward, but when that same car gets turned around sideways our backwards, it tends to go airborne.
* I made a refrence to an ESPN announcer yesterday that had made a stupid comment on air. His name is Tony Kornheiser. If you watch ESPNs Pardon the Interruption, you know him well. Yesterday he got cornered by the 5 time Sprint Cup Champion (Jimmy Johnson) and was told that anytime that he wanted to come to the track, he could be his guest and learn something about NASCAR before opening his mouth and stating something about a sport that he knows nothing about. As of yesterday he had backed off of his remarks, stating that he didn't know anything about the sport and that he was sorry.
* Anyway.....I'm pissed about him saying that my favorite sport isn't legitimate. Idiot.
* The two pictures at the top were taken in 1992 on Lake Bridgeport. That's me in the blue shirt. Much skinnier and I had more hair. That is a llama that we had out at the lake and he wanted to go riding. We sure got some funny looks that day. Morris Johnston was the Captain of the ship and his First Mate was Sue Tackel. I was just a deck hand and had to do all the clean up duties!
* And to think, you didn't believe me did you?
* Have a blessed day, see ya Around The Corner!

EDIT: Something I recieved in an email that I thought was cool. Thanks MO!
EDIT 2: Something for all my Nurse friends that you need!  Credit BON...Thanks


wspouse said...

Love the pics, I bet people had to do a double take when yall came floating by.
Do you remember the Llamas name?

Anonymous said...

I lived in Blocker's camp for quite some time. We actually took pictures of the llama riding on the barge,my girls couldn't believe that the llama was on the barge,and neither could people we showed the pics to. What a sad thing to learn that someone shot him one night,probably a careless prank by some weekenders that had too much to drink.

Anonymous said...

I thought of you when I heard the news about Dale Jr. crashing I had a good laugh myself about it! I can't wait til April for the Texas race. Hope to see you there!!!!


wspouse said...

Hey Jeffro, how's the little man and mama? Miss yall, hope all is well.

Anonymous said...

The pictures are HILARIOUS!!!! I'm still laughing! Thanks, I needed a laugh this morning!!!

Anonymous said...

Little man is great! He is actually having surgey this Monday the 21st for ear tubes so prayers are appreciated. Mama is doing awesome and loving on that boy everyday!!! Miss you guys too

W-BabyMomma said...

I think her name was Annie...there were two of them and I know for sure one of their names were Annie, but can't for the life of me remember the other one!

The Donald said...

The flightship vid was way cool.

Kathleen... said...

Now, those are some serious llama pics! Cute& newborn fluffy has nothing on a pontoon voyager!

Anonymous said...

Is Sue kin to Christy(sp) Tackel?

Anonymous said...

....or Tackel?

aroundthecorner said...