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Friday, February 18, 2011

From The Corner Of My Mind

I have a reminder set on my phone at noon today. I just got reminded by W-m-in-law and W-spouse.

To the best Father-in-law a guy could ever have!

* 64 degrees this morning. A front is headed our way, but it's just gonna bring some wind and dry things out. Temps are gonna be a little cooler next week. Cooler.......NOTcolder.
* W-spouse climbed back into bed around 4:30am this morning. She was freezing and wanted to snuggle. Hope she's not coming down with something.
* Snuggling is fine with me, but those cold feet woke me up and I didn't go back to sleep.
* We went to the Metromess last night and visited our friend in the hospital. She was awake and knew me immediately. She started crying, I started crying, W-spouse started crying. She is still talking out of her head because of all the pain meds, but she knew us. She knew everyone and was giving the nurses a hard time. She can only move one arm right now, and they started therapy on her yesterday, so she should start getting some movement soon. She is very weak and still in a lot of pain. I told her how many prayers were being said for her and she said thank you.
* A healthy vibrant woman 3 weeks ago. Talking, walking, bitching, ranting about raising her teenager and now helpless. Reality hits hard when you see something like that. Life can change so fast.
* I experienced something near that last year with W-spouse. Those that knew us then, know the story. One day she was fine, the next, we didn't know if she was going to live. I never want to go through that again.
* It's Friday February 18th. So what? Third weekend in February means........Yep........Daytona kicks off tonight with the Camping World Truck Series race. I made an announcement last night to the family. I have full authority over the big screen TV from this afternoon till Sunday evening about 7pm. Any channel changes will have to be made with my permission. Any recordings on the DVR box will have to be at my discretion as not to interfere with any NASCAR related topics that may already be scheduled to record.
* There are 4 other TVs in the house. Find one and learn how to operate it, but the big screen is mine this weekend.
* Yes, I am a NASCAR fan. Yes, I love NASCAR. Yes, I'm a redneck. Yes, you would enjoy it also if you would get off out of the mindframe that it is just a sport for Rednecks, or that it isn't a sport at all.
* Seating capacity of your beloved Cowboys stadium is 80,000. Seating capacity of Texas Motor Speedway is 138,000. I have been very few times to TMS that each and every seat isn't filled. You can see on the TV at Cowboys stadium how many empty seats are there every week.
* Average attendance overall to a NASCAR event? Over 99,300 people. Compare that to the NFL. NASCAR attendance is at an all time low, and it still has an average of over 99,000 people. Average attendance in the NFL is around 55-60 thousand. The ONLY thing the NFL beats NASCAR in is TV ratings. Thats's a big win however.
* The ultimate target audience is a 21-34 year old male. With technology what it is today, it's hard for TV to compete with the many ways to find out information about a 3 hour race. Most people don't want to set in front of a TV and watch something, anything , for 3 hours. They can just pull up an APP now and find out immediate results.
* Well, I hope I haven't bored you. If I have, go read Liberally Leans Lawyer crap. ;-)
* I will keep in touch over the weekend, see ya Around The Corner!


Anonymous said...

Does NASCAR have 16 races each week?

aroundthecorner said...

That's "Apples and Oranges". Use your same anaology. If NASCAR had 16 races each weekend, the numbers would still be the same. It's averaged per game, just as NASCAR is averaged per race.
Hey, I like football, but you can't deny that NASCAR is popular, just not as popular in the TV ratings.

Anonymous said...

2/18 is also your father-in-law's birthday, so you might want to give him a call. Have fun all weekend watching your BIG tv. Mo

txtrigger said...

Yer a redneck? Who knew????

And the only thing worth watching NASCAR for is the crashes, and the final couple laps. The rest is about as exciting as flushing a bunch of skittles down the toilet, and watching all the pretty colors go round and round.


aroundthecorner said...

Tx.....That was funny, skittles going round and round.....LMAO

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Formula One and World Rally Cup are far more popular AND better racing...just sayin'

I do love me some Tony Stewart, though.

aroundthecorner said...

Far more popular? Not in the US. Better racing? Matter of opinion.
Go Smoke!

Answers? I don't know the questions. said...

Your FATHER-IN-LAW is 35? That would make Whit 15 or 16. I see an arrest in your future.

Anonymous said...

Well, we'll have to differ...I think turning left AND right is better racing ;)

tmike said...

I like it all. NASCAR, F1, Mfg. Cup, supercross, superbike and even a little NHRA thrown in.

Hey W, can you contact me, I can't find your E-mail in your profile. (you can delete this part)

aroundthecorner said...


wwwiggins at embarqmail dawt com