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The people with whom you work reflect your own attitude. If you are suspicious, unfriendly and condescending, you will find these unlovely traits echoed all about you. But if you are on your best behavior, you will bring out the best in persons with whom you are going to spend most of your waking hours.

Some people get spiritual because they see the light and some people get spiritual because they feel the heat!

How do you know if you're truly a servant? See how you react the next time someone treats you like one.

Monday, January 7, 2013

From The Corner Of My Mind

* When I started my truck this morning at 5:30am the temperature was 36 degrees. When I arrived on location over near Ponder, it was 26 degrees. All the flow lines were frozen up and it took us an hour to thaw everything out.
* I worked on Saturday and W-spouse was on call Friday night. She got called in about midnight and didn't get home till around 5:30am Saturday morning. Just about the time I went out the door.
* Went to church Sunday morning and had a wonderful lunch with Mr Answers and one of his boys after church. We then spent the afternoon doing some target practice and riding the Teryx out at our daughter in laws family farm. W-baby mom went with us and later on Ava Grace went riding with us also. After that we went over and visited with Madison for a little while. They were both excited to see us, and we were more excited to see them.
* While Ava was riding with us, we asked her where she wanted to ride next, assuming that she wanted to climb so more hills, but no, she said "she wanted to go to Grans house".
* Went to Walmart last night to pick up a few things and stopped by the ammo section. There wasn't any 9mm, 45, 40, or 223. I asked the young guy working when they would get some in and he said there was a shipment arriving overnight. This morning I stopped by there to get drinks and water and strolled by there again. Just as I walked up the lady that works in that department walked up and I asked her if the 9mm had come in. It had and I bought a few boxes.
* The opinions about guns vary wildly throughout my family. The opinions about semi automatic weapons and high capacity magazines vary even more wildly in my family. I know where I stand and I know where they stand. I agree to disagree.
* I have had many different guns since I was old enough to carry one. I've always respected them and handled them in a cautious and safe manner. I have a cousin that has had guns and shot them since he was old enough to walk. He accidentally discharged a deer rifle, 270 if I remember correct, while trying to get it out the window of his truck and shot himself in the leg. He was lucky, no lingering after effects.
* The next few weeks are going to be a fast paced. We have to got to Austin this weekend for a party and then next Tuesday we head back to Georgia for W-stepson #3 graduation ceremony and Turning Blue ceremony.
* I haven't mentioned lately, but Archie the Shih Tzu that will soon be 18 years old isn't doing very good. He's blind. He's deaf and is getting more and more disoriented every day. Health wise, he seems to be ok. He can't jump up on the couch like he used to, but we don't know if it's because he can't see or he's not able. I dread the day.
* Update on Cuz: I talked to him about 20 minutes on Saturday. He was in good spirits and was just waiting to get evaluated to go back to TIRR, which he hopes to be within the next two weeks. He has had some real aggressive back spasms. According to the therapists, thats a sign of communication with the muscles and brain. Pray they are right!
* Time to get back to work, see ya Around The Corner!


Sherri said...

Sorry to hear about Archie's decline. Always hard.

Coach & I have differing opinions about guns too. We have lots of them but there are certain ones we disagree about.

Glad to hear David is doing well... spasms are a great sign!

txtrigger said...

Quality of life for Archie. It is the most difficult thing for we animal owners to deal with. It is usually our own hearts not wanting to let go that makes us put it off more and more. You will know when the time is right.

The Donald said...

.270 is a fav caliber. I loaded some lightweight (100 gr) test cartridges the other night, supposed to do about 3175 fps. Oldest son & I hope to go out next Sunday to see if they'll stabilize and group. For hunting I've always used 130 gr, but the 100s would be fine for Texas deer if they'll place well.

Also built a few 150 gr Nosler boattail ballistic tip .30-30s. Strictly a first shot proposition - not for tubular magazine use. We'll see how those do.